GUEST POST: Beauty tips to keep in mind on the road

Are you traveling home for the holidays? Taking a fun weekend getaway? Going on vacation? Whatever it may be, here’s a guest post with some handy tips.

Beauty tips to keep in mind on the road
By: Mila Payton

Staying on top of your game while going on a trip can be quite the challenge, especially if you aren’t used to the trials and tribulations of traveling. Without your full makeup kit and various other beauty products, you’ll often have to make do with just a few basic supplies. Luckily, there are ways to ensure that your looks don’t have to suffer when you’re far away from home.

Take care of your face
The face is usually the first thing people notice, so it stands to reason that you’d dedicate quite a bit of attention to keeping everything in order. To that end, make sure you only apply a thin layer of foundation and very little lipstick, lest you risk having it rub off on any surface your face comes into contact with. If you can stand it, a clean look is much easier to maintain, especially on plane rides, which typically dry the skin considerably.

Combat sunburns
Sunburn can be a big problem if you’re traveling to high-temperature locations, which is why a good sunscreen should never leave your side during your trip. Remember that appropriate skin protection isn’t limited to being on the ground either. Plane windows may not filter out UV rays, so apply sunscreen if you have a window seat.

Say goodbye to puffy eyes
Puffy eyes are one of the most significant telltale signs of tiredness, which is a feeling you’ll likely experience during your travels. Fortunately, a simple cold compress can do the trick of reducing inflammation and alleviating dark circles. If you don’t have an actual compress nearby, you can make do with a soda can or even a spoon as long as it’s been kept in the cooler for an appropriate amount of time before application.

Fix your hair woes on the go
Hair is especially sensitive to the travails of travel, which can turn even the most carefully-preserved coiffure into a real mess in no time. That being said, pulling your hair into a loose topknot can minimize some of the damage brought on by leaning on it for hours at a time. You can also use dry shampoo if you’re planning on traveling for more than 24 hours and don’t have access to a shower in the meantime.

Bring the essentials
Despite the fact that traveling by its very nature involves taking relatively few items with you, you should always make room for at least a few essentials in your bag or luggage. Bringing along things like a good quality moisturizer, a hairbrush and some moist towelettes can make all the difference in the world by ensuring that your comfort level stays high throughout the entire trip.

All in all, traveling should never be an impediment to keeping yourself looking tip-top. Even though the conditions for maintaining your usual routine will likely be absent, you can still get by with a little bit of creativity and know-how. So you can look forward to showcasing your unique features in the best of circumstances once you arrive at your destination.

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