Home for the holidays…or not

There’s a big emphasis on being “home for the holidays.”

You hear it in Christmas songs, you hear it from family and friends. It’s kind of what a lot of people do.

But what if you’re not going home for the holidays?

Whether you’re going on vacation, staying put and not hanging out with family, or just doing your own thing. Don’t feel bad about it.

I won’t be with my family this Christmas because of distance, choice and finances.

Yes, this is difficult. I love my family and friends and I’d love to share the  magical season with them, however I’ve chosen not to. Of course I’m reaching out to them during this time, but I just won’t be there with them physically.

If you’re doing this too, I hope you know that’s totally OK.

Yes, it’s easy for someone to convince you to go home or be with family, and yes if you don’t visit, people may talk about it, but so what? It’s your decision.

“So what are you gonna do by yourself?”
Well, just my own thing. Either celebrate on my own or live my day normally. Simple.

Yeah, it’ll be different to not celebrate with my loved ones, but in the end, I made this decision to try to help myself, not to try to hurt anyone’s feelings.

So as much as I’d love to hug everyone and share smiles and laughs and stories, I’m choosing to save money.

If you’re alone this Christmas:
-Don’t get FOMO or get bogged down.
-Try to stay off social media to help prevent the above bullet point.
-Do something to make you happy.
-Don’t just sit around all day sulking or wishing you were at home.
-Have your own holiday celebration wherever you are with whoever you’re with or just by yourself.

Maybe this is easy for me to say because I’m used to being alone. But there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. 

And if you need a word of encouragement or someone to talk to, I’m right here.

Happy holidays, loves ❤


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