GUEST POST: What’s good makeup etiquette?

Hi, all! Here’s the last guest post of 2016!

What’s good makeup etiquette?
By: Stephanie Lynch

It’s safe to say that it is everyone’s desire to look great, and this is one reason makeup exists. However, are you using your makeup the right way? When I say this, I mean etiquette. Yes, just like manners at the dinner table, there are some things you want to keep in mind the next time you see anything makeup related to make sure you’re not grossing anyone out.

1. Avoid touching up your makeup in public
A lot of people have the urge to touch up their makeup whenever they are in public places, which should not be the case. An action like this, such as in a restaurant, can be disgusting to some, especially if they see a fleck of your mascara falling to the ground. (Gross, I know!) Therefore, it is advisable to avoid doing so as much as possible. If you feel the urge to touch up your makeup, then it is recommended you find a private place to do so before joining others. While applying lip balm is OK, you will want to keep one thing in mind: If you need a mirror, it’s best to go to the restroom.

2. Avoid invasive perfumes
There are certain perfumes that are likely to affect the people around you in one way or another. If you have ever been close to someone who seemed like they dumped the entire bottle on their neck, then you probably understand. One spray should be more than enough, and if you forgot to apply it, never spray it in public, as I’m sure, most of those around you don’t want it to get on their clothes.

3. Inform others about their makeup mistakes
Human beings make mistakes, and if you’ve ever been in a group where you’ve noticed a flaw such as lipstick on someone’s teeth, point it out politely in a private. It’s best to point it out so you can do someone a favor because think of it on your terms: Would you want someone to point out your beauty blunder if it were you? I’m sure you would!

4. Avoid combing your hair at the table
Combing your hair when people are eating is a bad habit. In general, it’s best to avoid it, no matter where you are in public. The hair is likely to mix with the food on the table and most people will get grossed out when they see hair leaving your scalp. Like my first tip, if you feel the need to comb your hair, it’s best to do it in private.

5. Don’t break the seal
While it’s tempting to test a makeup product at your favorite retailer, never ever break the seal to test it. Sadly, some people think it’s OK, but would you drink a gallon of milk that had its seal broken? Probably not. While you don’t consume makeup, it has the seal for a reason, and if a retailer finds the seal broken, they will more than likely toss it.

As a general rule of thumb, try your hardest to apply your makeup before you go out for the day. Again, if you feel the need to apply more makeup or comb your hair, head for the nearest restroom. There’s no need to apply it in public because you never know who you’re going to offend.

– – –

Stephanie Lynch, is the co-founder of How Much Is It?


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