So you wanna go row?

Have you ever rowed before? I don’t mean rowing in the water but rowing fitness indoors?

I went to CityRow (USQ) twice and Row House (Chelsea) once. I thought I’d share my experience!

CityRow Program Director Annie Mulgrew & I after class.

CityRow Program Director Annie Mulgrew & I after class.

(I only have a photo from CityRow & not Row House. My bad!)

-I took my first ever rowing class with Annie Mulgrew, CityRow’s Program Director. She was so intense!
-My second class was with Lauren and it was a community class (free!) since she was a new instructor. (Even though she was new, she taught us a lot about form and how important that is when it comes to rowing.)
-I thought it was all in the arms, but I was wrong. It’s all in the legs!
-You go in and you can pick any machine you want.
-There are cubbies for your things.
-You’ll also need a heavy set of weights and a lighter set of weights.
-There are towels provided.
-The monitor on your rower is insane. So many buttons and so many numbers! I didn’t get any of it my first class, but another student helped me the whole way. My second class, Lauren explained the monitor SO well! I got it down that time.
-It’s kind of hard to get your shoes out of the rowing machine straps. You’ll do this every time you need to get down on the mat. & You’ll wanna do this quickly! (Tip: Just flick the strap buckles straight down and out and slip your shoes out as fast as you can.)
-You go back and forth from rowing on the  machine to core and leg work on the mat.
-The class was full and the students were on all levels from beginner to advanced. They were helpful when I had questions, which was welcoming.
-Annie also helped the newbies out, which was awesome.
OVERALL: Great workout! You’ll be sore after, and you might have baby callouses on your palms. Annie takes no shit and I love that. Lauren was so technical that I understood the machine better. I’d totally go again and again.

-My class was with Juliet. She was so technical, I loved it! She spent a lot of time with individuals she saw struggling and newbies, like me. She gave me lots of tips and tricks.
-It’s not all about speed and power. Form is really important, or you’ll burn out!
-There are towels provided.
-You get to pick your machine once you get there.
-You start and end with stretches on the floor next to the machine.
-You row in the dark, which is cool.
-Not difficult to slip your shoes out of the rower straps. Feels a little different vs. CityRow machines because at CR, you’ve gotta get your ass off that machine and onto the mat ASAP when the instructor tells you. However at RH, you’re just on the machine  most the time so it doesn’t matter how fast you get your shoes out. *Also, this may just differ with instructor. I’m not really sure.
OVERALL: I’d definitely come back to RH. Juliet was so technical that I’d love to have her as an instructor again.

So how do you feel about indoor rowing fitness classes? I’m definitely a fan. Anyone wanna go with me soon? 🙂 I’m also taking any recommendations/tips/tricks!

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