Nature Republic Peeling Foot Mask

So everyone was obsessed with foot peeling masks forever ago, and I finally tried one recently. It was the Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Peeling Foot Mask.


I’ve tried foot masks before, but never a peeling foot mask.

This one was different in terms of the application and removal process.


The mask didn’t seal around the ankles, so I ended up shuffling around the apartment. This was easier than walking since the liquid sloshing around the mask made it slippery if I tried to lift my feet off the ground. *Tip: You can put on socks over the mask so that you don’t have to shuffle.

This mask smelled like chemicals. I also wonder about the ingredients in peeling masks since thats what they’re meant to do: make your skin peel. I swear this mask peeled off some of my glitter nail polish. GLITTER nail polish. But then again, I soaked for an hour. The directions on the package recommends wearing it for 60-90 minutes before rinsing your feet.

A few days later, my feet started peeling! This was super gross when I wanted to go to yoga classes, however also intriguing. I ended up peeling off some of the dead skin, and letting the rest just peel off on its own.

I had enough one day and just scrubbed at my feet with a pumice rock. My feet felt super smooth after all the dead skin flaked off.

It’s a crazy product, and I’ve used this specific mask twice already. I’m not sure if I’d use it again. I’d definitely wait a few months. The chemical smell still bothers me and I want to figure out if peeling foot masks are even good for your skin or not.

Anyways, thoughts?


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