theBalm Mr. Write (Now) Eyeliners

I absolutely love theBalm’s Mr. Write (Now) eyeliners.


The two shades I’ll show you are Jac (shimmery bronze) and Scott (matte Bordeaux).


If you don’t use black eyeliner or if it’s too harsh of a color on you, I’d recommend either of these two shades.

I’ve purchased Jac twice now because I just love bronze eyeliners. It’s great for a simple, everyday look. Jac may be closer to a brown if you’re used to brown liners.

Scott has got a little more edge than a brown liner, but isn’t as harsh as a black one. So it’s a good in-between if you’re looking for dark but not too dark.

Each eyeliner comes with a built-in sharpener:img_8155

This is what unsharpened vs. sharpened looks like:img_8156

I never sharpen the eyelinerΒ because I feel that there’s no need to. I think it’s helpful to have if you want a super fine line, though.

The liners go on smooth and stay on easily with or without a primer.

Overall, I’d purchase Jac again and again because I love this shade. I’d consider purchasing Scott again, but I go through bronzes a lot faster than dark purples.



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