NYX Love Contours All Palette

Don’t forget: Love Contours All ❤

I got this NYX Love Contours All Palette and wanted to tell you my thoughts and share some swatches.


In this palette, you get a handful of neutrals, great for everyday looks.

As shown below, you get:
-9 eye shadows
-2 highlighters
-2 contour shades
-2 eyebrow shades

Swatch time!

Eye shadows (1-9):

Highlighters (10-11):

Contour shades (12-13):img_7542

Eye brow shades (14-15):img_7543

Overall, I don’t use this palette on a daily basis, but I do go for certain shades from this palette more often than others.

I don’t feel that I can use just this palette for my whole look on a daily basis. I only feel this way because these shades aren’t ones I always go to, you know what I mean?

I like the highlighter on the top right. It’s not as glowy as I normally like (I go for super pearly highlighters) but it does its job.

I feel like these 9 eye shadows don’t exactly mix well for one single eye look. What I mean by that is if I wanted to do my eye shadow for the day with just this palette, I wouldn’t like the outcome. I’d use certain colors but would find myself reaching for other shadows not in the palette. Basically, I feel that these 9 shadows are versatile, but are a little too versatile for my shadow tastes. I prefer shadow palettes to have all the colors I’d need for one eye look. This isn’t an easy task to achieve when I’m shopping for shadows, but I’ve found palettes like this before and those are my usual go-to palettes. But my most-used shadows from this NYX palette are 1, 4 and 8.

I don’t normally use the brow powder from this palette only because I prefer pencils. But the shades are nice. Same thoughts for the contour shades.

Overall, this isn’t a palette I find myself gravitating toward on a daily basis. It’s very brown, which is funny because I normally go for brown shades. But the types of browns here aren’t ones I love.

How do you feel about this palette?


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