When I think about the word “deserve,” the idea of love usually comes to mind.

Do we all deserve love?
How do you know what kind of love you deserve?

For the longest time, I wondered if I deserved love.

Who is to say, “Yes, this girl right here, she deserves love.”

But then I wonder if everyone deserves love.

If all humans deserve equal rights, then all human beings deserve to love. To be loved. To feel loved. To fall in love. To be in love. To love in all different capacities.

I often forget that there are so many different types of love. The love a parent has for a child. The love a human has for an animal. The love you have for your significant other. The love you have for your best friends.

Everyone deserves to be loved in some way or another. Romantic love. Unrequited love. Love at first sight. Love that is lost. Love that is found.

Some people deserve more than they will ever know or ever ask for.

So, what do you think you deserve?


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