Sometimes I wonder why I keep trying GLAMGLOW samples when I’m not always a huge fan of their products. But then I find a gem like GLAMGLOW FLASHMUD and I remember why.


I’ve talked in my past GLAMGLOW reviews how I’m never a huge fan of their items just because they’re so expensive and I never really saw significant results. However, I’m always trying their sample-sized products. If I got full-sized items from them, perhaps I’d have more of a long-term chance to see if I really like their stuff or not.

Either way, I liked the way this FLASHMUD mask felt.


it felt like any other face mask, and it was easy to apply and rinse off. This one left my face feeling super refreshed and like it really got all the dirt and grime out of my pores.

I’m not sure that it brightened my face like it claims to, but I know my face felt super clean each time I used it, so that’s always a plus.

Sometimes masks just don’t leave your face feeling refreshed, but this one certainly does.

If I had to purchase a GLAMGLOW item, which I’d never do because of the price, I’d choose this one.



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