A word with such negative connotation yet hopefulness.

“You’ll lose.”
“What’s there to lose?”
“I don’t want to lose.”
“What if I lose?”

For me, losing is similar to failing. When you’ve lost and failed, there’s not much left to do besides pick yourself back up again and keep going, because you’re not a sore loser.

Losing things. Losing yourself.

Losing your hope, determination, motivation.

Lost. Lost in thought. Lost in translation.

Lately, I’ve felt that I’ve lost. Failed.

I’ve felt lost in a sea of people; looking around for something, anything. Something familiar, something new. Something that’ll make me feel again.

Losing your mind. Losing your time. Losing a loved one. Losing a memory. Losing a thought.

We all lose. It’s a hard thought to comprehend because losing is never a good feeling.

Losing keys. Losing a phone. Losing sanity.

Losers are not winners, but losers learn. Losers learn from having lost. Whether it’s time and time again or not.

You win some, you lose some.

Sometimes you lose a lot. But losers only stay losers if you stay down.

Get back up, and you’ll be a loser no more.


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