Nature Republic Snail Solution Skin Booster

Since when did we start putting snail sludge on our faces? I tried a sample of this Nature Republic Snail Solution Skin Booster and kind of loved it.


It’s clear-ish and liquid-y. It smells pleasant and is super easy to use.

I applied a bit of the product in the mornings after I washed my face. It didn’t irritate my skin and felt smooth and calming.

I wish I had more of the sample to use again because a tube this small just doesn’t show you the results because the product runs out quickly.

So I couldn’t tell if my face was brighter than normal or more wrinkle-free. Apparently that’s what snail sludge does to your skin. So although I’d love brighter and wrinkle-free skin, I’d have to use the product more often to see if it yields results.

I’m not sure that I’d buy it on my own, but I’d take a handful of samples if anyone were to be so kind to share. 😉



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