Trissola CHIA Hair Smoothing Oil

I was super excited to try this Trissola CHIA Hair Smoothing Oil because the ends of my hair were dry as ever.


The first thing I noticed was how gooey and liquidy the formula was.

The second thing I noticed was how strong the fragrance was. It isn’t a bad one, but it’s strong for sure.

After the second/third application, I realized how messy this product was. I think it’s because of the packaging and the consistency.


Even if I don’t squeeze a ton of oil into the dropper, the product just leaks back into the bottle and it’s just messy.

Basically, each time I use it, my bottle is covered in oil and I’ve stopped bothering to clean it all up.

It’s a great product and I like it a lot. I’d think about repurchasing it, but I’m not too sure because it’s so messy. Definitely not a product I’d want to travel with. But one I’d try again just to see if it really is the packaging or not that’s irritating.



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