Lush Cosmetics Bunch of Carrots bubble bars

I only recently started using Lush Cosmetics’ bubble bars, but I’ve quickly fallen in love. The Bunch of Carrots are a limited edition product, so buy them before they disappear!

The bunch includes 3 carrot-shaped, reusable bubble bars in orange, pink and purple.

The site says the bunch is good to 3-7 uses, and I used them up in 4. I think that’s pretty reasonable. I wish they lasted longer, though! But they’re absolutely adorable and definitely photo worthy.

I used the orange carrot first, and ended up using the whole carrot for 1 bath. The bubbles disappeared rather quickly, which made me sad toward the end of my bath.

I used half of the pink carrot for a second bath and it was super bubbly, so I was happy. I was even happier when I realized I’d only have to use half a carrot.

The third bath was the remaining pink carrot and half of the purple carrot. This one was super bubbly. The bath water started out super purple and got lighter after I used some of my other skincare products in the tub.

My last bath was the remaining purple carrot, which was still pretty bubbly.

I love this bunch of carrots because they’re playful and colorful and bubbly: just what I look for in bubble bars.

They’re easy to use: just crumble your bubble bar under the tub’s faucet. Sometimes it can be difficult to crumble the product, so I just toss in the bubble bar right under the faucet and let the water hit it as I’m filling up the tub.

You can swirl the bubble bar around the water as the tub fills up and see how much of the bar you’ll need depending on how many bubbles you want.

I’d love to try more Lush products, but wish they weren’t so pricey. Do you have any alternatives? What are your thoughts on bubble bars?


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