Dead Sea Premier Aromatic Salt Scrub

I kind of fell in love at first sight with this Dead Sea Premier Aromatic Salt Scrub.


I was walking through a Christmas market, where there were a ton of vendors selling their products. A woman at a booth asked me if I wanted to see something amazing. I thought she was just going to put lotion on me so I thought I’d humor her and myself. I said, “Sure” and walked over to her.

She put this dry salt scrub in my hands and told me to rub them together. She then told me to close my eyes as she poured warm water over my hands as I kept rubbing them together.

Do you know what happened? It was basically magic.

The salt in my hands started to melt away and I felt like I was rubbing silky water all over my hands!

Basically, she had me and I ended up purchasing the product, haha. It’s super pricey and I wouldn’t buy it for myself again. However, I’d purchase this as a gift.


The saleswoman said this jar would last me a year. It basically lasted me 4-5 months. πŸ˜‰

I used the product all over my body from my face down to my toes. I used it in the shower on my whole body or over a sink if I wanted to just exfoliate my lips or my face. I’d use it just on my feet, too.

I love it, but it’s too pricey for me. Thoughts?


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