MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Concealer

Lately, my daily concealer has been the MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Concealer in NW15.


The site describes the formula as having a “medium/natural finish” and I agree.


It’s not a super thick and full-coverage concealer, but it’s one I prefer for everyday wear since it looks natural and gets the job done. Great for work/school/the gym (if you wear makeup to workout sessions).


The brush applicator is easy to use. I mainly use concealer under my eyes and to cover acne.

Before (no concealer):



I normally apply concealer with a foundation brush because I think concealer brushes are too small (or the ones I have are) and just spread product around my face instead of blending it into my skin.

I haven’t used a beauty blender in months. No particular reason why, I’ve just gotten back to the foundation brush routine, which I’ve avoided for a few years since the beauty blender started popping up in the beauty market.

I’d recommend this concealer if you want a natural look.



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