Uplift Studios Fitness Studio and Female Society

When people ask where some of my favorite fitness studios are, one of my top picks is Uplift Studios.

Uplift Studios is an all-women’s gym. There’s one large group exercise room and a large workout space.

I’ve tried almost every class offered here and I enjoy them and keep returning for different reasons.

My two favorites are the STRENGTH class and the SCULPT class.

The STRENGTH classes make me feel, well, strong! I love that because no one has really complimented me on my strength, which is something I’m proud of. In this class, I feel like I can openly show my strength without anyone judging me. The women in these classes inspire me to become even stronger. STRENGTH is a combination of lifting weights and HIIT training.

I’d describe the SCULPT class as something similar to barre with some HIIT involved. I find myself sweating more than I’d anticipate but I love that. I enjoy a mix of weights and HIIT because it’s definitely a full-body workout.

I tried the POWER class but it wasn’t a huge favorite because of the jumping involved. I just modified, which is always a great option in any class.

At Uplift, I feel like I can exercise in a sports bra and not feel judged. The studio truly lives up to its name of uplifting women.

From the instructors to the front-desk staff, the employees here are SO sweet and helpful and talented. It’s definitely a place where you go and people remember your name/face, which is amazing in New York!

-Locker room (built-in lock)
-Towels (for sweating and for showering)
-Skincare and hair care products, razors, tampons, floss picks…etc
-Weights, resistance bands, mats
-Water cooler
-Clothing for purchase

There are probably more amenities that I’m missing that you can find on their site.

I love coming here and I hope you’ll join me for a class or two!

(Join me on ClassPass through this link & we’ll both get $40!)


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