Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 35 Daily (Face) Sunscreen +

I’ve never been more excited for a sunscreen in my entire life. When Glossier launched their Invisible Shield SPF 35 Daily Sunscreen +, I knew I had to visit their NYC showroom and try it out.

As I suspected, the showroom was packed just minutes after it opened.

I was stoked to try this clear sunscreen serum. WHAT? Yes, the formula is a clear serum.

OK, so why was I so excited about sunscreen? If you’ve seen how pale my skin is, you may understand. I can’t tan in sunlight. I only burn so I’ve always been slathered in sunscreen ever since I can remember.

I hated toting around sunscreen in my backpack as a kid and I was never a fan of the scent or feel.

I’d often break out into hives, eczema, and even once something my doc couldn’t diagnose so she just called it a rash. This was because of the sunscreens I wore. It was because of the ingredients or mix of ingredients in the formulas. So no, I’ve never been a fan of sunscreen since it has always given me trouble.

I was in shock when I tried the Glossier sunscreen on my face. No streaks and it works! I wish the SPF was higher, but that’s because I’ve always gravitated toward higher SPFs.

I hope the company decides to make a body sunscreen in the future. Not that you can’t put this face sunscreen on your body, however I’d prefer a higher SPF.

This formula is not sticky. It has a light scent, but smells of oranges and not the typical gross sunscreen smell, you know?

At first, I was hesitant about spending so much money on a sunscreen. But then I remembered it’s something I’m going to need all the time, and if it’s formulated as well as the company claims, (it took two years to develop!) then why not give it a try?

I have sensitive and problematic skin. I’ve been using the sunscreen (over moisturizer and under makeup) for more than a week now and I’ve enjoyed it.

You know that feeling at the end of the day when your sunscreen gets oily and thick and your face just feels disgusting? Well this product doesn’t leave your face feeling that way.

With that said, I’d wear this sunscreen on a daily basis. However, I wouldn’t wear it to the beach or pool.

*The sunscreen is NOT water resistant!

I also wouldn’t wear it if I was spending the whole day in the sun just because the SPF isn’t as high as I’m used to.

Although this price is more than I’d like to spend on face sunscreen, I’d repurchase this product. I believe in the ingredients so much and think it’s truly fabulous for daily wear.



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