Nature Republic Snail Solution Emulsion

I got two small samples of the Nature Republic Snail Solution Emulsion.


The emulsion is similar to the brand’s snail solution skin booster.

The emulsion is white in color and chunkier in texture. The scent is light and pleasant.

The product is supposed to brighten skin and improve wrinkles. I applied it to my face and neck in the mornings after washing my face.

Although I had two samples instead of one, I still couldn’t see any difference on my skin. I suspected that, though, since the samples are small and I’d probably have to use the full-sized product to see any results in the long run.

I’m sure it’s only the sample bottles, but it was so hard to get the product out of them. Since the product is so thick, it was hard for it to slide out of the bottle’s neck. If the bottle was squeezable, this would’ve been no problem at all.

Overall, I wouldn’t purchase this on my own, but I’m interested in how snail secretion works to improve the look of our skin.


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