Who’s that girl?

When she walks into a room, people stare.
Not because she’s particularly show stopping.
She looks ordinary at first,
but on that double take, you realize she’s extraordinary.

She appears brunette from afar,
but upon closer inspection,
you spy her blonde & copper locks glistening in the sunlight.

Her skin is as pale as snow,
but her most stunning feature is her set of baby blues.

When your eyes meet hers, they’ll pierce your soul.
Up close, you’ll realize she’s a sunflower child.
The dainty yellow flower petals surround her pupils.

On the rate occasion the petals & sky become one,
her eyes will look green.
But you’ll only catch this color in the early morning, when she rises.

When you spot her in a photo,
the windows to her soul look gray.

The only thing that will break your trance is her contagious smile.
With lips the shade of dusty rose,
she’ll give you a giggle & say, “Hello.”


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