Avocado salad

I don’t remember the last time I blogged about a recipe! Too long ago, basically. This is a super simple avocado salad recipe that I just threw together one day and ended up loving. I hope you love it too!



-2 tablespoons of black beans
-2 tablespoons of corn
-2 cheese slices
-1 avocado
-Dressing/seasoning (optional)

Step 1: Cube your avocado.
Step 2: Cube your cheese (I only had cheese slices in the fridge, so just use what you’ve got!)

Step 3:Β  Add beansimg_7455

Step 3: Add corn

Step 5: Add dressing/seasoning. I used both balsamic vinegar (2 spoonfuls) and black pepper (what seemed like a billion shakes).

Last but not least, enjoy!


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