Crystal deodorant stick

The first time I tried a natural deodorant was years ago and it didn’t go well. So I was hesitant to try another. But I grabbed a travel size of this Crystal deodorant stick.

The first time I tried natural deodorant, it was the TOMS brand. You know that common deodorant brand? Well after using it, my armpits burned so badly. I went back to non-natural deodorant after but I was finally ready to try a different brand of natural deodorant.

I grabbed this travel sized deo because I was first, afraid that it would irritate my underarms, but second, because it was a great size for my gym bag.

Anyways, the one I got was unscented so I was always wondering, “Do I smell like B.O.?!”

I don’t think I ever got over that insecurity. I was also just so sweaty all the time! Apparently this is normal when you switch over to natural deos? Not sure how true that is, though.

It was also a dry deo, so you have to run it under water before swiping your underarms, which I wasn’t used to.

I didn’t use this deo for long. Maybe less than a month? Because I dropped it on my bathroom tile floor and it shattered.

The poor smooth crystal cracked and it got everywhere and was so difficult to clean! Shards of crystal clear deo all over the light tile, basically.

I didn’t buy another because knowing me, I’d just drop it again! Also, I was convinced I wanted something with a fragrance to it so I was less self-conscious about B.O.

So this was a one-hit-wonder product for me.

Not purchasing it again. I definitely want a natural deo that has a fragrance to it. I also want one that won’t shatter into a million pieces when I drop it.



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