Lush No Drought dry shampoo

I was looking for a new powder dry shampoo, and thought I’d give the Lush No Drought a try.

I purchased the smaller bottle, just because I wasn’t sure I’d love it so I thought if there’s a smaller bottle, why not just start with that?

I tried No Drought twice before I purchased this bottle. I got small samples of it when I visited Lush and purchased other items. So I already knew what it felt like in  my hands and in my scalp. I decided to just dive on in and purchase the product.

I prefer squeezing the powder onto my hands and then working it into my hair. I either just tousle my hair with my hands or do that and then comb it out after. It depends on the look and how oily my hair is.

There is fallout, so beware! If you’re wearing a dark color, be careful!

The orangey/lemony fragrance is refreshing. The formula doesn’t sit heavily on your hair, thank goodness.

The powder is easy to rub into your hair. I can’t speak for people with darker hair than my own, but I used this when I had light brown hair and the white powder quickly disappeared into my hair as I worked it in with my fingers.

Because I prefer trying new products, I’m not sure I like this one enough to repurchase.

I love the travel size aspect of it, though. I’d want to travel with it in a Ziploc baggie, though. I’d be afraid the top would twist open or pop open all over a gym bag or suitcase.



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