Sabon Bath Salt

The first bath salt I ever used was the Honey Peach scented one from Sabon.

I was excited because the fragrance was sweet yet citrusy. I was also excited to try something new.

I chose to purchase this because it was made from all natural products. I don’t only use items that are all natural, but I’ve been trying to make that switch when it comes to skincare products.

I’m really torn about this product. I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t used bath salts before or if it was this one in particular.

The scent was amazing, which was why I purchased this one. But the water diluted it so much that I couldn’t smell a thing when I was in the tub.

The product page suggests using 5 scoops or more. The scoop from the store is tiny but I didn’t purchase that when I was there. I use about a handful, which I thought was enough. But again, I don’t smell the fragrance at all when I’m in the tub.

Perhaps I’m thinking of Lush bath bombs and bubble bars and am expecting it to be that fragrant when it’s not? What do bath salts smell like when you’re in the tub? Do they even smell?

Either way, even with a handful of the product in the tub, I didn’t feel like it made a big difference on my skin. I couldn’t feel the smoothness of the product on my body at all.

So I won’t be re-purchasing these bath salts. I’m not sure if bath salts are for me? Give me some recommendations!







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