Tatcha polished classic rice enzyme powder

I was fascinated by the Tatcha polished classic rice enzyme powder just because it was a powder face cleanser.

I’ve used powdered face cleansers before, but Tatcha is such a coveted brand, that I’m glad I got to try this. I got this product in a Tatcha duo set form Sephora.

To use the product, twist open the cap and then click open the tab inside.

Pour about half a teaspoon or your desired amount into your palm. Wet your palm (or you can start with wet palms and then add the powder) and rub them together.

The powder will transform into a white, creamy texture. It’s not too foamy or bubbly, but once the powder has fully transformed, start rubbing the cleanser onto your face.

You’ll smell a slight “rice-like” scent. Not invading at all. The product didn’t later much on my skin. After rinsing it off, my face felt sort of the same as before and not as refreshing as I expected.

However the product did its job.

It’s not my favorite cleanser, but I use it from time to time. I think it’s great for traveling because of the size as well as the powder formula.




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