Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to see what everyone’s Mario Badescu drying lotion obsession was all about. So I found this gem during a Black Friday sale at Anthropologie. πŸ˜‰ I’ve been using it since, and find it intriguing.

According to the site, it’s ideal for whiteheads. Honestly, I used it for any pimple I had. Ones that were forming. Ones that were almost about to pop. Ones that had already been popped.

So you’re supposed to not shake the bottle. & If you do, you’re supposed to just let it sit and get back to “normal” again.

Normal is when the clear liquid is all at the top and the pink sediment sits at the bottom.

I’ll most likely use up the product before the one year mark.

You’re not supposed to rub in the product or put it on broken skin. I’ve done both before. Oops.

The product does what it claims in drying acne overnight. I do like the product, but I hear good and bad things about it from different people.

For me, it worked. However, it’s my not favorite acne topical treatment. I wouldn’t purchase it again at the price point.

However, I would suggest trying it to see if it can be one of your new HG acne products.

Let me know your thoughts on Mario Badescu products and if I should try anything else from the collection.


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