30 Day Barre Fitness Challenge – Physique 57

I’ve fallen in love with barre fitness classes, so when I had the opportunity to participate in a 30 day barre challenge, I was definitely down.

The last 30 day challenge I did was a yoga challenge, which is a lot different from barre.

I’ve taken barre classes at different studios, but for this challenge, I completed it at Physique 57.

So this barre challenge is the brand’s Newcomer’s Challenge. It’s to complete 16 classes in 30 days. (Newcomer’s One Month Unlimited.) You start by picking up a challenge card from the front desk at a P57 location. (NYC, Hamptons, Beverly Hills, Dubai, Bangkok.) The challenge card (I don’t have a photo of it because I didn’t think to take many photos during this challenge, really.) is the size of a business card, and every time you step into a studio to check in for a class, you get a hole punch.

-Take 12-15 classes: Get 15% off a class package
-Take 16+ classes: Get 20% off a class package

I finished 16 classes and now have a 20% off discount. I initially did the challenge to try to get the discount, but as I got into it, it was more to test my endurance. I made it about completing the challenge and not quitting when it got tough.

I loved this challenge because I got to try (almost) all the different P57 studios in NYC.

The Spring Street location was my go-to. There are three studios where classes are held, three single-person bathrooms and three showers. (The showers here have so much space, I love it!)

The 57th Street location was my second most visited location. I had only been to the FiDi location once but I wish I would’ve gone to that one more. It’s so beautiful and spacious there. The rooms where classes are held are so bright and sunny, it’s refreshing. I’d definitely go there if I were to take a friend because it’s just a really nice space.

Since I visited different studios, I got introduced to a handful of instructors/teaching styles and different class types. I love this because it let me connect with instructors I just vibed with well. Sometimes things just click, you know? So I felt that way with a couple instructors. I kept going back to their classes either because their personality really made the class an amazing one, or their teaching style was everything I needed and more.

The class types I took most were Beginner and Signature. After I got used to them, I took a F.I.T. (Focused Interval Training) class, a Mat 57 class and a Stretch in 30 class. I loved that there were so many options to choose from. If I had more time to try all the other class options, I would.

I took Beginner my first week and felt like I was dying and sweating up a storm. My thighs burned and my calves shook in each class. Signature was less hands-on but just as difficult. F.I.T. was challenging. Mat 57 was a ton of core work, which I loved. Stretch in 30 was a great break for when you’re super sore and your muscles are tight.

Bring your friends with you to your sweat sessions!

-Warm up that includes weights (the only time you’ll use weights is during the warm up)
-Seat work (you’ll be at the barre and you’ll feel the burn in your thighs and calves for sure)
-Thigh dancing (my fave! It’s exactly what it sounds like)
-Core work (on the floor with a mat, cushion and props)
-More things that will make your arms and legs and core and butt feel like they’ll explode, but that means it’s working, right? 😉
-Cool down (stretching)

What I love most about barre is how toned you really get. It’s a great full-body workout. P57 claims you’ll see results after just 8 classes. I didn’t believe this was true, until I saw the changes in my arms and core after 8 classes.

I lifted 5 pound weights during each warm up. I could see my biceps and triceps change over time. I opted for full-form push ups instead of modified ones whenever I felt my body could handle it. After about 4-8 classes, I could see that my arm muscles were more prominent than before. I was shocked and wondered why I didn’t lift weights sooner.

I hate core work so much. I’d rather do push ups than sit ups. So every time we got down on the ground to do ab work, I cringed. But you know what? I ended up loving it in the end. I worked on obliques, which I never paid attention to before. The way some instructors taught made me really enjoy ab work. Who have I become? I ended up liking the Mat 57 class a lot. Odd, right? It’s a huge core workout, but I saw results, which is what we all really want, yeah?

I would’ve liked to have seen more results in my butt, but perhaps that’ll be my next goal.

Class 1:

Class 8:

Class 16:

class 1 vs. class 8 vs. class 16

Now that the challenge is over, I’ll probably take a barre break before jumping back into classes.

P57 amenities:
-Mints + green apples
-Hair spray, dry shampoo, brushes, hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, body wash
-Mouth wash

Equipment is provided at the studio (mats, ball, band.)

All the classes require that you wear grippy (non-slip) socks. So you can wear normal socks, bring your own grippy ones, or purchase them at the studio if you forget yours.

They also sell clothing and water bottles at each studio.

I’d definitely try a barre challenge again. Whether it’s at P57 or somewhere else.

I think I got everything? Thoughts?

(Join me on Classpass through this link & we’ll both get $40! Let’s work out together!)


4 thoughts on “30 Day Barre Fitness Challenge – Physique 57

    • You are amazing. I hate running haha I found a free workshop at Physique 57 one day so I signed up. After it, we were offered a package discount for attending the workshop that day. I had taken a couple P57 classes through ClassPass before and I really liked them, so I thought, why not? When I purchased the package that day, they told me about the challenge. I’ve taken barre classes at other studios and they’re all similar yet different. Always challenging, though!

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