Origins Warming Lava Scrub

I’d never imagine a face scrub that would warm up my skin the second it hit me, but that’s exactly what the Origins Warming Lava Scrub does.

I kid you not, the moment you put this product on your skin, you’ll feel the warmth.

My initial reaction, was “WHOA!” as soon as I started rubbing the product onto my face.

Then I realized it wasn’t just a face scrub, but a body scrub. So I tried it on my arms and legs and was pleasantly surprised.

I wouldn’t use this every day, but just when I want a little burst of warmth. Maybe on a rainy day or a cold or snowy day.

I’ve never used anything with volcanic ash before, but now I’m intrigued.

I’m not sure if it really gets rid of ingrown hairs, KP or acne, like some people claim. I haven’t used it consistently for long enough to figure that out. But I do have all 3, so it would be nice to use this product for about a while and see if it’ll help. I just can’t see myself using it on a regular basis. It’s a nice little “treat” for me to use this scrub, so I don’t use it often.



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