Lush Miranda bar soap

I got a small Lush Cosmetics Miranda bar of soap and I have a few key things to say about it.

First, it smells super fruity. It’s really yellow, so it’s not super appealing when you rub it onto your skin and see yellow water, but that’s besides the point.

There’s a kiwi in the bar of soap, and the seeds are what bugs me.

The little black specks are the kiwi seeds. I’m not a fan of them because they feel super harsh on my skin.

At first, I thought it’d make for a great scrub. But after using it for a while, the seeds only became irritating to my skin. It’d leave tiny red streaks (that would disappear later) on my skin after I used it.

So I wouldn’t buy this again only because of the kiwi seeds. Other than that, the scent was pleasant and the soap did its job.

Anyways, what are some of your favorite Lush bar soaps? I’m looking to try Β more.


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