Crystal Essence roll-on mineral deodorant

I’m still trying to figure out this natural deodorant thing. I don’t think Crystal deodorants are working in my favor. This is the second Crystal one I’ve tried. It’s the Crystal Essence roll-on mineral lavender & white tea deodorant.

It’s a liquid formula in a rollerball tube.

it smells like lavender, and isn’t too strong of a scent.

I do NOT believe it prevents odors for 24 hours, whether you exercise or not.

I really don’t feel this masks B.O. whatsoever. Maybe for like an hour in dry heat when you’re not being active and you’re indoors.

But I liv in humidity and I’m using this in the spring/summer heat. I’m active and I sweat a lot when I exercise.

I don’t feel like this deodorant works the way I want it to.

Also, the back label claims the lavender is known as an anti-inflammatory. I don’t know how much I agree with this statement, or how much I agree with this statement in terms of this product. At one point, my underarms broke out from either the product mixed with my sweat and the heat, or something else. I don’t know.

I always reapply this deodorant and I’ve never had to reapply so much deodorant in my entire life.

I wouldn’t repurchase this or recommend it. The only reason why I/m still using it is because I don’t want to waste it or buy another one until I finish this one.

What are your natural deodorant recommendations?


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