Glossier Stretch Concealer in Light

It’s obvious Glossier has an incredible following. I’m still trying to understand it, but I started by using their products. I purchased this Stretch Concealer in the shade Light.

It’s the lightest shade in their concealer line of 5 shades.

I’m the lightest of lightest shades, always. This works for me, but is the tiniest bit too dark for my preferences. I’d prefer something lighter, or at least brighter.



This concealer works, and is definitely light coverage. It was lighter than I expected.

The product claims to let skin look like skin, and I’d say that’s true. You get a natural look from it.

(Note: Wear primer still, because the product can seep into pores without it.)

If you’re looking for medium-full coverage, this isn’t the concealer for you.

I wouldn’t purchase it again because it’s not the exact shade I want, and because I’d prefer medium-full coverage concealers.



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