Chewable toothpaste tabs? I’m all about it

This is the second time I’ve tried LUSH Toothy Tabs, and I’m sold. They’re chewable (dry) toothpaste tablets.

I first purchased a pack about a year ago for traveling. It definitely helps reduce the amount of liquids you have in  your bag, so that’s one thing to consider.

Note: The cashier told me a couple months back that this “Oral Pleasure” flavor will be discontinued soon. So if you want to nab this one specifically, act quickly!

Yes, it’s pink and glittery, but no, it won’t stain your teeth pink and glittery.

This tastes fruity and floral-y, so if you’re not into that and are looking for a traditional mint toothpaste, perhaps try a different flavor.

It’s a bit on the pricy side at $11.95, but I do love this container and product for when I’m traveling. I also think it’s quite a cute gift for that jetsetter or backpacking friend.

I’ve only tried their non-minty flavors, just because I prefer something new.

I’d recommend this product for if you’re traveling and for a silly gift.



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