SPONSORED: How do you keep your skin hydrated?

*This is a Brandbacker sponsored post*

Fall is finally HERE! But OMG, my skin knows it. I’ve recently gotten a little dry and scaly, GASP! Not a pretty look, but It’s OK! It’s OK. I’ve got a little trick up my sleeve β€” The Evian Mineral Water Spray. A facial spray, really? YES, really.

So why a facial spray?

Well I want something quick and portable, and I’m not going to slather moisturizer over my makeup in the middle of my work day. This is where the spray comes in handy. You seriously just spray your face (I spray my neck, too) with the Evian Mineral Water Spray, let it dry on its own, and you’re set!

It won’t make your makeup run (because really, you’re spritzing, not drowning your face in it) and you’ll get that hydration your skin yearns for, so win-win, right? Right.

I kind of take it everywhere with me in NY:

When I’m sweating, waiting for a train that seems to always take forever.

When I’m on my way to chill with a book next to those amazing musicians in Washington Square Park.

When I’m taking a sunny walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and need a refreshing pick-me-up.

Where do you take your Evian Mineral Water Spray?

*This is a Brandbacker sponsored post*


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