GUEST POST: 7 Easy Makeup Tips You Have to Try

Hey, makeup mavens. I’ve got a makeup artist & stylist here with some tips & tricks to add to your arsenal:

7 Easy Makeup Tips You Have to Try
Jane Williams

Are you tired of not being able to learn how to handle your makeup game as effectively as all those makeup divas you find o YouTube? I feel you. But that doesn’t mean you have to quit. Let’s spice up your makeup game!

1. DIY a brush-cleaning mat:
It is absolutely necessary to clean your brushes to keep the harmful bacteria on bay, and keep that flawless skin free of pimples. But don’t invest in a brush-cleaning mat. Just grab a plastic disposable plate and a hot glue gun, then draw random patterns on the plate and wait for it to dry. Now, you have a brush-cleaning mat!

2. Revive a dried-out eyeliner pen:
Do you happen to have an eyeliner pen that you use pretty often but now you see it all dried up? Well, don’t worry. Just open it up and take the dry tip out, then you flip it and you put it back. There, you have your eyeliner working again. You’re very welcome!

3. Cocktail mascara wands:
Mascaras are fun! For me, they are the best part of makeup, but wands can be truly confusing. If you can’t seem to find your dream mascara wand that’ll help you achieve the look you want, try making a cocktail out of it. Like matching a thickening + separating wand etc.

4. Map out your face:
You cannot really follow a tutorial (especially of your wanted smokey eyes) unless you know which part of your face is being referred to. So download a chart to learn where the outer V and lash-line or the crease of your eye lid is. This is very helpful.

5. Cleanliness is the key:
Every single thing that comes in contact with your face needs to be cleaned up. Change your towel or get it dry-cleaned at least once a week. Clean your phone with anti-bacterial wipes every single day. And swap your pillow cases every week. Switch to hypoallergenic makeup to avoid breakouts.

6. Counter red eyes:
Red counters blue, so to get rid of those allergy-stricken, bloodshot eyes (or all-nighter, bloodshot eyes), grab a dark blue mascara and put it on. It’s that simple, blue neutralizes the effect of red eye and makes the eye more appealing.

7. Counter blue under-eye circles:
Once again, red counters blue. So if you have blue-ish dark circles under your eyes and you don’t have an appropriate concealer, grab your red lipstick, smear it under your eye. Blend, and see how well that works out. If you are still looking for a concealer, go for the ones with orange tints.

Hope this helps!

Jane Williams is a makeup artist and stylist. She is obsessed with fashion, makeup and new makeovers. She regularly blogs at Style Down the Aisle.


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