alba BOTANICA fast fix for a pimple tinted zip zapper

I was in a rush in Whole Foods & grabbed this alba BOTANICA fast fix for a pimple tinted zit zapper thinking it was just an acne spot treatment that was not tinted. I was wrong.

I gave the product a try, but wasn’t fully satisfied with it.

It smells so badly.

I’m not sure what to compare the smell to but it’s just irritating. I used it on wherever pimples would pop up on my face and neck and chest. The smell was most bothersome when I had the product on my face.

I don’t know what ingredients or mix of them is making this smell so badly, but it was ridiculous.

It’s a sulfuric acne treatment, and I’m pretty sure I’ve stuck with salicylic acid (only because I try to avoid benzoyl peroxide.)

The coverage was light.

What do I say when I mean light? When I buy foundation/concealer, I go for the lightest shade, and sometimes the lightest shade a brand isn’t light enough for my skin. So this shade worked well for me as a fairly pale person.

In the end, I wouldn’t buy this again or recommend it.

I use acne spot treatment at night so I couldn’t use this product before bed, which bugged me. You’re better off with a clear acne spot treatment you can use day or night. If you really want it covered, go for a concealer/foundation.


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