Lush Jungle Solid Conditioner

Have you ever used a solid conditioner before? This Jungle Solid Conditioner was my first from Lush.

I purchased it because I wanted to live a more package-free lifestyle.

You can buy a tin to put it in, but I opted out of that because I wanted to store it in a tray (like in the first photo.) I store it that way in my bathroom and it’s been no problem at all.

This scent was a fascinating one. It’s definitely fresh; it reminds me of grass and herbs.

The product is easy to use: You wet your hands and/or the bar and rub it into your hair. I don’t use conditioner on my scalp, so I rub it from the middle of my strands all the way down.

It leaves my hair smelling “nature-y,” I’d say. But I’m not a giant fan of that, so if I were to purchase another solid conditioner from Lush, I’d go for a different scent.

It took me ~3 months to use up this bar of soap, but I didn’t use it daily.



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