GUEST POST: Small Luxuries Everyone Can Afford

Hi, loves. Back at it again with another guest post!

Small Luxuries Everyone Can Afford
By: Arron Hiddleston

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GUEST POST: How to be a stylish and inspiring yoga junkie

Happy Sunday, loves! This guest post is by Sophia Smith, an Australian fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. Enjoy!

How to be a stylish and inspiring yoga junkie
By: Sophia Smith

Yoga is an ideal exercise for ladies looking to build lean muscles, relax, de-stress and attain the mind-body equilibrium. But while you’re busting asanas and flows on the mat in pursuit of your private Zen temple, you might as well look like a million bucks. Your clothing choice won’t just boost your looks in the class, it’ll make you feel amazing in your own skin even when you’re sweaty. Yoga apparel can also help express your personal style and inspire others around you to put in a tad more effort in their yoga routines and outfit selection.

Here are a few cool ideas on how to spice up your workout wardrobe and wow other yoga junkies every time you show up to the studio.

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