I don’t say ‘thank you’ often enough

A wise woman once told me she thought young people didn’t say, “thank you” enough. I brushed it off at the time, but the more I think about it, the more I agree.

I’m not doing it today just because it’s Thanksgiving, but it’s a good day to remind yourself to give thanks daily. It’s just easy to forget how grateful we are for what we have sometimes.

In no particular order, here are some things I’m thankful for:

I’m thankful to be able to fill my stomach
I’m guilty of buying not-so-nutritious food because they’re usually cheaper. My shelf of food at home is also never usually full. However, I filled up my fridge shelf for the first time (either ever or in a long time) today. It’s a good feeling to be able to load myself up with nutritious food like turkey and veggies. But I also bought sweets I love like ice cream and pie, because treat yo self😉

-I’m thankful for my supportive family
I’m not home for Thanksgiving this year, so it’s just me. Even though I may be far from home, I know my family supports me in my dreams and what I want to do in life.

-I’m thankful for my health
This summer, I started exercising on a regular basis again. I’m so glad to be able to have a body that lets me move and do what I’d like to do. Whether it’s yin yoga or indoor cycling, my body is always there for me and I don’t think I thank it enough.

-I’m thankful for friends
I’ve got a few who are near and many who are thousands of miles away. But no matter how close or far, my friends are my rocks. They keep me in line and without them, I’d be so lonely.

-I’m thankful for my education
I’m grateful to be able to get through K-12, undergrad and grad school. So many years of hard work! My teachers and professors and experiences have taught me so much.

-I’m thankful for my readers
Without YOU, I wouldn’t still be here writing. Well, perhaps I would be, but no one would be reading it. So thank you for choosing to follow my site. Thank you for reading my writing. Thank you for sharing it. Thank you for engaging with me. Thank you for wanting to guest blog. Thank you, thank you thank you.

-I’m thankful for a roof over my head
If I didn’t have this roof over my head, where would I be? I’m grateful for a warm place to relax that keeps me safe.

-I’m thankful for pets
Animals are beautiful creatures who have made my life more exciting. They’re there when you need them and they even provide entertainment. They’ve given me more joy in my life.

-I’m thankful for music
Music gets me through almost everything. I’m constantly listening to something and sometimes music is just there for me when I need it to be.

There are a handful of other things I’m thankful for, but those are a few I wanted to share with you.

So go out and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones or even by yourself. You do you.

GUEST POST: Break the winter wardrobe cliches

Winter is around the corner! Here’s a guest post by an Aussie writer to get you winter wardrobe ready.

Break the winter wardrobe chicles
By: Claire Hastings

Oh Europe, the cradle of the fashion industry! I am mesmerized by brave and elegant styles of Milan, Paris, Rome, London, and Barcelona, and religiously follow fashion weeks online (Paris is my favorite, but hush-hush). I long to experience cold winter and windy fall so I could finally wear those adorable coats, scarves, and boots, and rock an umbrella as an accessory (yes, I have been called insane by my friends and I don’t care). I would probably hate those seasons in Europe or the USA, but I really wish I could wear all those lovely clothes! This way, I only do my best to copy those styles and adjust them to Australian climate instead.


Cropped pants are the ultimate fashion weapon.

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How I use a virtual planner +++ GIVEAWAY!

I used to love when fall rolled around because that’s when I’d buy a new planner. But I eventually got irritated because I used a paper planner, Google calendar and my phone’s calendar. I had too many agendas! My solution now is to use a virtual planner. Let me show you how I use my iPhone’s calendar to plan my life.


PS, stick around ’til the end of this post for more info about the GIVEAWAY!

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post*

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GUEST POST: 5 Ways to become your best self

Happy Friday! This guest post is from a fellow blogger and my childhood friend, Karissa of Preppy California. I wanted to introduce you to her since we’ll be collaborating for a fun blog project soon.😉 Stay tuned for that!

5 Ways to become your best self
By: Karissa Hoshiwara of Preppy Californiascreen-shot-2016-10-16-at-9-25-15-amA lifetime goal I’ve always had was to be the best person I could be. I don’t think we will all of a sudden wake up and be that person. I think

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