How I’m Protecting My Energy in the New Year | Shine
How Committing to a Challenge Can Change Your Perspective | Shine
Make Your To-Do List More Fun With ‘Temptation Building’ | Shine

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Bullies Made me Realize I was Different From the Rest of my Family | SheKnows
I Mail Love Letters to Strangers | SheKnows

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Syracuse Herbalist Concocts Tonics to Prep Bodies for Winter (+ VIDEO) | The NewsHouse
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Summertime Rite: Pancakes for Breakfast in Borodino | Syracuse.com

$8.7 Million Donation Marks Largest Gift in History of School of Journalism | Spartan Daily

Man Arrested for Two Robberies / UPD Sting Leads to Arrests| Spartan Daily
UPD Gives Active Shooter Resistance Sessions | Spartan Daily
Victims Robbed at Campus Village Quad | Spartan Daily


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